Deadbeat Dads Or Minor Children, Who Should The Indian Tribes Protect

Deadbeat Dads or Minor Children, who should the Indian Tribes protect

I am appalled that a Tribe wouldn’t enforce Child Support. What’s their reason?

What do you think of Indian Tribes that don’t enforce Child Support?

Indian Tribes that have Casinos use the revenue in different ways. Some Tribes have a profit sharing splitting the money with their members, usually only the Adult ones. Some don’t have profit sharing, but give other benefits and money on a pre-determined basis.

I find that the Tribes that don’t enforce 11148410_1005053286179578_889586395601185248_nCourt ordered child support are proliferating the amount of Deadbeat Dads, while the mother and the kids have to beg the tribe to help them get support. I find it appalling that a Gaming Tribe would not enforce Court Ordered Child Support payments under the cloak of sovereignty!

What about you, do you think that a Gaming Tribe should not enforce court ordered child support? Do you think that Sovereignty is only for the adult members of a Tribe, and not the minor children that don’t live with their per cap (money received from Casinos) parent?

Have some of the Tribal Leaders forgotten their own heritage, and replaced it with greed? What is the reason for not enforcing Child Support?

Cultural Heritage is more than icons and festivals:

“With a monthly income averaging $30,000 for each Tribal Member, the new Morongo Casino has done more than just eliminate welfare and federal subsidy dependencies. The Morongo Band of Mission Indians has become one of the most successful tribes in California and ranks amongst the most successful in the Nation.” quoted from an article in News from Indian Country The Morongo Band of Mission Indians: A lot of history, many descendants, many challenges by Sandra Hale Schulma.

This article goes on to tell about how Morongo has made progress, but still has a large problem with alcoholism, and drug use, as well as education. It’s interesting to see the amount of money the Tribe contributes to others, yet with all this money, they don’t enforce child support! You have to go in front of the Tribal Council and they decide on a case by case basis if they will enforce it or not.

So, you mean to tell me that members were getting about $30,000. a month, plus bonuses and it is a hardship for them to pay child support? Even if they are getting less now, during the current economic situation, it is still enough to support their children. And we’re not even talking about contested paternity…..court ordered child support for registered tribal members. Tribal Members who just happen to be minors, and can’t vote for Tribal Council, or any of the other measures that affect the Tribe. Not yet anyway!

Is this Morongo’s new Cultural Heritage? Adult Members can pick and choose if, and how much, they want to pay while children do without? Furthermore, let’s not talk about the other Tribes that are doing the same thing. I will mention Barona in San Diego County as one of the ones that protect and care for the children of it’s adult members. Thank you Barona for caring for your Children!